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Courses Taught at the College Level

On Traditions and Disciplines
  • Introduction to Asian Religions

  • Introduction to Religions of South Asia

  • Introduction to Hinduism and Hindu Traditions

  • Modern Hinduism

  • Introduction to Judaism and Jewish Traditions

  • Introduction to Women’s

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Living Jewish Texts: Writing, Wrestling and Ritualizing

  • Understanding Religion

  • Making the Hebrew Bible Meaningful

Topical Courses
  • Sexuality and Religious Controversies

  • The Politics of Religious Identities

  • Imagining Home: Religious and Cultural Identities in Diaspora

  • Holy Violence: From Saints to Suicide Bombers

  • Asian Religion and Culture in America

  • Asian Mystiques Demystified

  • Sex, Judaism & Gender

  • Ritual, Tradition, Transformation

  • Holy Lands: Sacred Realities, Political Stories in Israel and Palestine (in situ with Dr. Matthew Pierce)

  • Religion and the First Amendment

  • Performing Tradition: Art, Religion, and Globalization

  • Othering and Belonging: Religious and Cultural Identities in Nairobi (in situ with Dr. Sheilia Otieno, forthcoming)

  • Encountering Islam: Dialogue and Difference

  • Seeing is Believing: Global Religions in MN

  • Fieldwork in Religion

  • Religion & Violence

  • Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

  • From Rituals to Riots: Why Religion Matters

  • Race and Religion

Directed and Mentored Study and Research

  • Readings in Caste

  • Caste through a Dalit Feminist Lens

  • Fieldwork in Religion

  • The Commodification of Suffering in Exchange for Educational Access

  • Hinduism in Minnesota

  • Islam, Law and American Educational Policy

  • Muslim Women and Feminism

  • Free Speech/Religious Freedom

  • Somali Muslim Women in Rural MN

  • Sacred Violence

  • Judaism or Judaisms?

  • Religion and Public Scholarship

  • Public Hindus & Hinduisms

  • Education, Religion & Cultural Diversity

  • Religious Monuments in Public Space

  • Religion and Mental Health

  • Morality, Modernity & Sex

  • Jewish Thought and Ritual in Modernity

  • Environmentalism & Local Religion

  • ReligionGender & Nature

  • Readings in Levinas

  • Hindu Ritual Embodied

  • Reading Primary Sources— Jewish Texts

  • Reading Primary Sources—Hindu Texts

  • Gender and Violence in Asia

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